C. Patrick Carroll, MD

C. Patrick Carroll, MD

Director of Psychiatric Services, Johns Hopkins Sickle Cell Center for Adults


C. Patrick Carroll, MD 
Director of Psychiatric Services to the Sickle Cell Center for Adults
Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Baltimore, Maryland
Email: ccarrol1@jhmi.edu

Dr. Carroll is an internationally recognized expert in the multidisciplinary management of complex and high utilizing patients with sickle cell disease (SCD). After completing his graduate medical training at Washington University in St. Louis, he completed residency in the Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Thereafter he was a fellow in the Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit, studying the behavioral pharmacology of opioids. Upon leaving the fellowship, he joined faculty as an associate medical director of Addiction Treatment Services, a leading addiction treatment center at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

In 2007, he assumed his current role in the Sickle Cell Center for Adults, combining his interests in chronic pain, opioid pharmacology, and the care of complex patients. He attends in the Department of Psychiatry’s Pain Treatment Program, an intensive multidisciplinary treatment program for patients with refractory chronic pain or abnormal illness behavior. He has published a number of peer-reviewed papers on SCD pain and treatment utilization, in addition to his earlier work in behavioral pharmacology and addiction treatment. Along with the multidisciplinary team of the Johns Hopkins Sickle Cell Center for Adults, he has been consulted regionally and internationally regarding management of chronic pain, psychiatric illness, and treatment utilization in SCD.



The "High Use" Patient (4:00 PM - 5:30 PM)